Given the abrupt changes taking place in Armenia and Artsakh, Garni Foundation has put a temporary stop to its fundraising and new procurement efforts. Whereas most of our initiatives have turned inapplicable to the realities on the ground, we want to assess the situation unfolding in the coming days to make better decisions on how to effectively help Armenians affected by this war. Regarding upcoming commitments of kids' sleeping bags, Garni Foundation has shipped 2 of 3 containers each filled with 3080 bags. The third container will be redirected and shipped to Orran, a benevolent non-governmental organization that helps families in need.

Backed by Turkish military resources, including F-16 fighter planes and newly recruited Syrian rebel militias, Azerbaijan launched an attack against Armenia in Artsakh early Sunday September 27. The unprovoked attack is part of Mr. Erdogan’s overt plan for Turkish regional hegemony. As soldiers and civilians are affected by the war, the Armenian diaspora is called to action. In these hard times, we are focusing all of our powers on connecting the local communities’ desire to help with those who need them the most. The Ministry of High-tech industry, Ministry of Transportation, and the office of Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan are facilitating this initiative and are tracking the process. We have pulled key organizations, individuals, and companies together to efficiently source much-needed items for the Armenian people effected by this war. We want to find the best possible items at the best possible prices in cooperation with streamlined transportation assistance by Hay Post Armenia (the official national postal operator of the Republic of Armenia).

Mission 1

Acquire 10,000 Fair-Weather Sleeping Bags

We aim to secure a mixture of sleeping bag types that are adequate for solders and civilians. The first batch/shipment that we fulfill should perform well in fair weather (acceptable outside of winter). If we continue this effort in a month or two, we might need to move to more expensive bags, which would provide better all-weather protection.

The first 5000 sleeping bags have already been donated by Harry Kazazian and Armen Kouleyan, owners of Exxel Outdoors.

Mission 2

Acquire 10,000 50L Backpacks

The below features are the most important to the Ministry of Defense:
– Internal frame with waist belt for stabilizing heavy loads
– Abrasion-resistant fabric for durability
– Heavy-duty zippers for reliability

ARMENIA IS ASKING FOR OUR HELP. Garni Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c) organization; you can double your donation with your company's gift matching program.

Garni Foundation is a nonprofit founded in 2009 in Los Angeles, California. As a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization, the foundation is committed to helping the citizens of Armenia improve their lives and the lives of future generations.

Garni Foundation’s Mission

Our purpose is to create an avenue for the local community and concerned citizens to donate needed goods to the troops, homeless, orphans, and elderly in Armenia. By simply dropping off items in bins located at various locations and community centers, the local population has a chance to get involved in relief efforts and directly make a difference. Items are then picked up, sorted by the Garni Foundation volunteers, and shipped to Armenia to several qualified organizations.

Our Work

Garni Foundation successfully sent its first container to Armenia in June 2010. We are always putting together new shipments of goods, and appreciate any donations possible to the cause, great or small. Currently all of the work is being done by a dedicated team of tireless volunteers.

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